Award winning products for Lighting, Compositing, 3D Paint, Stereo effects and grading.
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MARI has a creative toolset which puts many stand-alone 2D paint systems to shame, allowing artists to concentrate on painting. The user interface is responsive and fluid. You can paint directly on to models and view the results immediately. Save time and take texturing way beyond what was previously possible.

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NUKE’s flexible node-based approach, native multi-channel workflow and powerful integrated 3D compositing environment delivers on the creative vision of the most forward-thinking commercial, music video, television and film directors.

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is a unique collection of plug-in tools that solve common problems with stereoscopic imagery, boost productivity in post production, and ultimately help to deliver a more rewarding stereoscopic viewing experience.

The plug-ins are designed to automatically replicate key processes on left and right channels and help artists polish and refine stereoscopic material, literally, removing headaches from the final viewing experience.

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KATANA is an environment for preparing 3D assets for rendering. It allows artists to define and control look and lighting whilst maintaining performance with very large datasets.

KATANA operates non-destructively using a rule-based approach, allowing modeling, look development, animation and lighting teams to work in parallel.

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NUKEX gives artists greater creative freedom through an integrated workflow, dramatically increasing the efficiency of core compositing tasks. The extended tool set allows artists to work efficiently, interactively and in the context of the visual effects process – without having to leave NUKEX to perform some tasks in external software packages.

Offering VFX users two different NUKE products enables facilities of all sizes too implement a solution to fit their artist and customer needs. NUKE and NUKEX are fully script compatible, with NUKE capable of viewing and rendering nodes created using the extended NukeX toolset, allowing artists and studios work collaboratively.

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HIERO is a desktop application for collaborative VFX workflow – a scriptable timeline tool that conforms edit decision lists and parcels out VFX shots to artists, allow progress to be viewed in context, and liberates your finishing systems and artists for more creative tasks.

HIERO has been built to work with NUKE, and can also be custom-scripted to work with other applications in your facility.

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