What is Empress eMAM?

Empress eMAM is a powerful media asset management platform that provides users an intuitive web interface to collaboratively produce, share, and deliver video and other media.  Artists and designers use integrated tools inside Adobe Creative Cloud and Apple Final Cut systems. With built-in tools and over 90 technology partners, eMAM manages native resolution files and integrated workflow processes needed by leading organisations worldwide since 2006 in local, cloud, and hybrid environments. eMAM helps organisations respond to emerging demands with scalability, easy reconfiguration, and multiple ordering options: by purchase, by subscription, or by turnkey cloud SaaS and VM/PaaS.

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    Media Asset Management (MAM) solution is designed to manage media files such as video, audio, images, and other related assets by organising, categorising, storing, retrieving, and distributing Media assets efficiently and effectively. MAM systems typically include features such as metadata management, version control, search and retrieval, file conversion, automated workflows, and integration with other systems like editing software or content management systems and transcoding. MAM can also help ensure compliance with regulations and standards by providing a centralised repository for managing media assets. MAM is commonly used in media and entertainment industries such as broadcasting, film production, post-production, and marketing. However, it can also be utilised in other industries where the management of digital assets is critical to the organisation’s success.

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      What is the difference between PAM and MAM:

      1. PAM (Production Asset Management): PAM systems are focused on managing assets related to the production process or still in production, such as raw footage, scripts, storyboards, and other pre-production and production elements. These systems are designed to help teams collaborate, track the progress of the production, and manage the content that is being created.
      2. MAM (Media Asset Management): MAM systems are designed to manage all types of media assets, including both production and digital assets, as well as metadata, usage rights, and other related information. These systems are typically used by media companies, broadcasters, and other organisations that create and distribute large amounts of media content.

      While PAM focuses on managing assets related to the production process, MAM is a more comprehensive system that encompasses both types of assets as well as metadata and usage rights.

      Intraware has been marketing  eMAM, one of the most popular broad-based solutions available today. eMAM is a comprehensive and customisable MAM platform that provides organizations with a centralised repository for managing their digital assets. With eMAM, users can easily organize and categorize their files, track versions, search and retrieve assets quickly, and integrate with other systems such as editing software or content management systems.

      Intraware’s eMAM solution offers a range of features, including metadata management, automated workflows, file conversion, and more, making it an ideal choice for businesses in industries such as broadcasting, film production, post-production, and marketing.

      If your organisation is looking for a reliable and scalable MAM solution, eMAM can help you manage your digital assets more effectively, streamline your workflows, and ultimately, save you time and money. Contact us today to learn more about eMAM and how it can benefit your business.