Project Parking

Project Parking is used for the management of Avid projects and Avid ISIS. It has all the necessary tools required to determine which of your projects are using the most space and accordingly provides actions to manage this. Projects can be either archived to toer 2, to a laptop for on set work or to delete duplicate files.

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    Project Parking is capable of understanding the relationships between Avid projects, folders and bins and all its media. This is done by examining all project files and coming up with a list of complete media references. Project Parking then looks at all the media and matches the project references to that media allowing the application to complete some very useful tasks:

    Analyse Media & Workspaces

    • Locate all media associated with a project
    • Understand which projects are using up most space
    • Identify duplicate and orphan media

    Manage Media & Workspaces

    • Free Up Shared Storage
    • Move storage intensive media offline
    • Delete or move duplicate or orphaned media to lower tier storage

    Archive & Transfer

    • Copy complete Avid projects: all the bins, sequences and media files and move to any other storage or new locations
    Restore & Merge Projects Or Bins
    • Merge changed versions of projects with originals
    • Restore a whole project or just the bins that matter