Data Backup and Archiving

Data Archiving is an essential part of the data storage workflow.  That’s because rarely accessed data still needs a place to live.  Without a proper archiving solution, this inactive data sits on high-cost, primary storage even though it’s not being accessed or changed.  Moving data to a more affordable archive tier frees up expensive but valuable primary storage for instant access to mission-critical data.  Intraware has solutions for both Disk and Tape Archive.

Spectra Logic Tape Libraries and Object Storage

Atempo is a leader and has high-level technical expertise in protecting and migrating very large data volumes (Bank & Finance, Life Sciences, Industry, Media & Entertainment). What do we do for our clients?
  • Back up mission-critical data
  • Restore data as and when needed
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Move data affordably between storage locations for short or long-term storage in complete security