About Intraware

Founded in 1995 Intraware Australia is a leading supplier of the world’s best technology solutions to the new media and post production markets. Intraware Australia is uniquely positioned to integrate and manage different technologies to suit the demanding environment in the digital media market and to supply and support it’s reseller channel to succeed in their respective markets.

Our Birth

Intraware started after an idea for a television show that morphed into a need to source 3d animation and compositing.

One Year Later

After our foundation we quickly scored our first major product Softimage. The pioneering 3D software that was behind innovation like Jurassic Park. We also start a long relationship with SGI that lasts more than 15 years.

1999: A New Opening

Looking for an area to expand after Softimage we started to eye the compositing market that was then dominated by Cineon in the film world. We became the first reseller world wide for Shake from Nothing Real

Red Planet – Rising Sun Pictures
First feature film VFX in Australia made with a node based compositer

2001: Three years later

The long relationship with Foundry steps up as they launch Furnace a ground breaking VFX tool for image processing taking them from an plugin company for editors and Adobe to high end VFX.

2002: Getting in Bed With Apple

Shake and our relationship with Nothing Real had paid off and we had established Shake as the premium compositing tool in film VFX. Then Apple acquires Shake and our relationship with Apple begins.

2004: Apple Relationship grows

Apple asks if we would like to move our relationship from distributor for Shake to distributor for their entire product range specifically the Pro Media resellers that were taking off due to OSX, XSAN and server offerings as well as Final Cut Pro for editing. This is the start of distribution and the beginning of our reseller channel. Around this time we also become the distributor for BlackMagic, another company young to the market wishing to grow their footprint.

2007: New Technologies

With the industry converting from analogue to Digital, Intraware predicts that the old way of saving video tape and film rolls as archives would no longer be possible and the industry would need to embrace new technologies as video and film becomes digital data. We continue our focus in Archive and Data Management with brands like Quantum tape libraries, file systems and HSM, SGI high end file servers and CXFS file systems with DMF archive management. Additional we continue with ADA from Atempo and Tina backup and Archive.

Something Specially New

Foundry launch Nuke. After acquiring Nuke compositing software from Digital Domain, Foundry now have a product to take them to the next level.  Nuke would become Intraware and Foundry’s most successful product to date.

We move into media asset management (MAM) and production asset management (PAM)

As our data management expertise increases we add new media asset management from Empress EMAM and PAM Strawberry from FlavourSys. We also introduce ProMAX as a high performance media storage and management platform.

EDDY for Nuke

We launched Eddy from VortechsFX to the world, the groundbreaking software for high end gaseous simulation for the VFX world. Now any artist can create fire, smoke, explosions, mist, etc. quicker and at a lower production cost.

Our Suppliers