About Intraware

Founded in 1995 Intraware Australia is a leading supplier of the world’s best technology solutions to the new media and post production markets. Intraware Australia is uniquely positioned to integrate and manage different technologies to suit the demanding environment in the digital media market and to supply and support it’s reseller channel to succeed in their respective markets.

Our Birth

Intraware started after an idea for a television show that morphed into a need to source 3d animation and compositing.

2004: Apple Relationship grows

Apple asks if we would like to move our relationship from distributor for Shake to distributor for their entire product range specifically the Pro Media resellers that were taking off due to OSX, XSAN and server offerings as well as Final Cut Pro for editing. This is the start of distribution and the beginning of our reseller channel. Around this time we also become the distributor for BlackMagic, another company young to the market wishing to grow their footprint.

Our Suppliers