QStar Archive Manager

QStar Archive Manager software is a key element in creating ‘Active Archive’ solutions.  The software virtualizes archive technology behind a file system, making the entire archive appear as NAS disk. Users and applications can easily search and retrieve data directly from the archive.  Even offline media is efficiently tracked for simple retrieval.

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    The software can be installed on any choice of server for seamless integration to existing network security models, lowering costs while offering easier migration to new servers, operating systems or storage as future needs dictate, delivering tremendous cost savings over appliance-based solutions.

    Easily scalable from terabytes to multiple petabytes, QStar Archive Manager software can manage massive amounts of data using ANY archive storage technology including tape, optical, RDX, disk, object storage or cloud.  It supports a choice of optimized proprietary or industry standard file systems such as Linear Tape File System (LTFS) or Universal Disk Format (UDF).  Uniquely, QStar software supports LTFS volume-spanning for tape libraries, allowing data sets to grow larger than a single piece of media.

    A robust retention management feature is provided, allowing policies to be created to prevent accidental deletion or over-writes of data in the archive.  The software securely retains files in a read-only format within the archive, for a pre-determined period of time. Multiple retention periods can be created to support different data sets to meet varying compliance needs.

    An archive using QStar software offers several archive data protection strategies. With Archive Manager, a media-copy feature automatically creates a duplicate copy of selected archive volumes for offline and offsite storage.