Projective Announces Strawberry 6 and Strawberry Skies


With the release of Version 6, Strawberry will add a groundbreaking new technology we’re calling Skies, which will dramatically improve how media productions create and share media content. Strawberry 6 opens up a whole new world of collaboration & communication features and removes time-consuming upload roadblocks common to online collaboration today.

SKIES | a hybrid-cloud infrastructure for Strawberry

Strawberry has already revolutionized how many productions work in the facility, saving time and making better use of internal storage systems. Now with Skies, Strawberry is also revolutionizing how productions can utilize external resources. Many productions have been moving to leverage cloud services but struggling to unite these cloud services with their in-house workflows. What good is a cloud service if you can’t seamlessly integrate it with what’s happening in the facility? Skies is designed to bridge this gap.

Skies is a hybrid cloud infrastructure that combines the accessibility and ubiquity of cloud storage resources with the access control and collaboration features you already know from Strawberry.

Skies provides content security by design, making sure that users can safely utilize Strawberry’s award-winning collaboration features from any place in the world.

Initial use cases include asset reviews and markups for producers and managers, to approval workflows with external clients. Moving forward this infrastructure will extend to unite teams in facilities all around the world.

GALLERIES | review & approval workflows unchained

Approvals take a lot of time and are a pain to manage. From getting draft versions to the right people, to maintaining security on that content, to getting feedback to the creative team, and tracking that feedback, all of these steps are a pain and a drain on resources today. And the pain is repeated for every iteration.
The Galleries function of Strawberry 6 lets you easily curate galleries which can be shared with anyone, inside or outside of your organization. Simply create a gallery, brand it with your client’s logo and add the media you want your client to see. Your client can access the gallery content from the second you click “invite” and can start to give feedback immediately. Strawberry proxies are encrypted to ensure secure access and can be set to expire automatically to avoid confusing clutter.

By utilizing the SKIES infrastructure there is no need to upload videos at all. Instead, previews are streamed directly from your Strawberry server. Commentary automatically becomes searchable annotations. This also ensures that client feedback always comes back to the on-premise production team.

And even more features!

Have you ever finished your editing masterpiece only to find out that the rights to one particular piece of footage have expired? Back to the drawing board? Never again. Strawberry’s new Asset Expiration feature empowers editors and media managers to know about these limitations before they import it into their project.

The best part? It’s included in the Communications System in Strawberry, so if you have it, just update to the latest version of Strawberry. If not, it’s easy to activate. Call today for a demo.

We are also happy to announce that Osiris, our bin locking tool for Media Composer is now available for Windows workstations connected to SAN storage. Osiris now covers macOS and Windows in any NAS or SAN storage environment.

Great news for our customers working with documents: PDF files can now be directly previewed from the Strawberry user interfaces. Browse scripts and treatments side by side with photoshop files and video footage.

Finally, Strawberry can also now be deployed via Docker, making future product updates a breeze, regardless of the underlying Linux version.


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