Canberra Virtual Production Demo May 2021

Intraware took part in a demonstration to the local Government and the local production industry in Canberra of virtual production technology in collaboration with AIE, Silverscreen Productions and Arri Camera Technology. Our technology that was used included ROE LED panels and Mo-sys camera Tracking StarTracker.

Over 2 days a number of production challenges were demonstrated to a life audience. These included:

The Australian Outback

A Martian landscape with Mars Rover

A cold winter in the wilderness


All sets were created and shot within an hour presentation period for each live audience session. It was a show case that clearly demonstrated not only the realism of VP, but the ability to flip from scene to scene at almost a click of a switch. Additionally, the film crew including DP, Director and lighting Gaffer had no or very little past experience of Virtual Production and the technology yet were able to produce content almost out of the box.

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