JLCooper Interface Devices

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JLCooper is serious about precise control. We’re devoted to producing professional–quality Control, Interfacing, Synchronization and Automation Products. Our mission succeeds when an impossible problem is solved or a difficult job is made easier.

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    JLCooper Interfaces

    Ultimate Connectivity

    Unique and Innovative MIDI applications are a hallmark of JLCooper Electronics. Products for audio/video interfacing and control allow you to streamline the way you work and enhance the way your existing products function together.

    eBOX Family

    Serial, Ethernet and GPI Interfacing


    GPI Smart Matrix


    GPI Trigger Box

    eBOX GPI8

    Ethernet / GPI Interface

    Gangway 4

    4 Port Gang Roll Switcher

    Gangway 16

    16 Port Gang Roll Switcher

    Gangway 32

    32 Port Gang Roll Switcher


    MIDI Over Balanced Audio Cables


    MIDI Line Amplifier – Panel Mount


    4 In, 4 Out MIDI Line Amplifier – Rack Mount