Foundry Release Modo 14.0

Modo 14.0 is now available.  It contains a wide gamut of fantastic workflow updates. You can expect a completely new way to Markup animation or critique designs, leverage powerful boolean Embossing with MeshFusion, smarter topology workflows with Xray or Ghosted viewport display modes, continued mPath rendering improvements, and many more enhancements to modeling, UV tools, and procedurals.

Modo 14.0 highlights include:

  • Markup – a completely new way to provide design and animation critique directly in canvas.
  • Xray and Ghosted Viewport display modes for enhanced topology and animation workflows.
  • Vertex map support has been added to the Procedural modifier system allowing for even more advanced rigging and motion graphics capabilities.
  • Refinements to the UV unwrap and relax tools creating an easier to use 1 click uv pelt option
  • Ability to now collectively scale all layers within a material group, relative to each layer or in unison.
  • Continued improvements to Edge Chamfer, Bevel and the new face slide feature for direct modeling workflows.

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