Atempo – Time Navigator

An advanced high-performance backup and recovery solution, Atempo Time Navigator has evolved into a powerful and easy to use tool for tiered data protection that can fit the data protection needs of both large enterprises and small to medium size businesses. Whether you manage a few servers, a workgroup or a multi-location enterprise network, Atempo Time Navigator helps you seamlessly manage data throughout its lifecycle. With the latest technologies built into its backup architecture, Atempo Time Navigator makes it possible to restore individual files from any point in time and any storage media.

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    With the latest technologies built into its backup architecture, Atempo Time Navigator makes it possible to restore single files from any point in time and any storage media. The powerful Time Navigation capability offers a unique approach to data restoration, eliminating backup window limitations. Users can access a single file saved at any point in time in any tier of storage and restore it at exceptional speed.
    By integrating advanced security techniques, such as encryption, digital signatures and hierarchical key management, Atempo Time Navigator provides uniquely-secure backup. With source de-duplication, it improves backup and low bandwidth connections and saves on storage resources.


    Centralised Web-based Management Interface – Configure and manage snapshots, replications, disk and tape backups, archives and recovery operations with ease through an intuitive web-based user interface. You can easily manage a large number of servers and simplify the remote administration of multiple sites and domains.

    SAN/NAS Support – Centralised SAN management lets you manage remote or local SAN and storage domains. Dynamic Library Sharing capabilities let you share tape drives within libraries on the SAN, reducing TCO and increasing ROI on expensive hardware. Advanced NDMP support also protects popular NAS appliances made by vendors including Dell, EMC, NetApp and many others.

    Security and Compliance Manager – Atempo Time Navigator can encrypt and decrypt data in place and on the network. It also integrates a digital signature system and digital certificates that include hierarchical key management.

    Disaster Recovery – The full restoration of an entire system is the basic building block of every Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). It is imperative to quickly bring back mission-critical applications and servers, and to protect full systems, whether physical or virtual.

    Atempo Time Navigator can rapidly restore a server whether it is virtual or physical, on the main IT site or on a mirror site.


    Enterprise Scalability – Unlike many conventional backup solutions, Atempo Time Navigator offers unlimited scalability, giving you flexible data protection for a single workgroup or thousands of enterprise nodes, and apply to tens of petabytes of data. There’s no limitation to the number of parallel data streams, protected hosts, databases and drives. The result is enterprise-level protection that grows with your business and integrates seamlessly with your enterprise scheduling system, both for centralised or distributed infrastructures.

    A Unique Restore Approach – Atempo Time Navigator offers a unique restore approach based on its Time Navigation GUI. These image-based restores o er full views of the file directories at selected dates and times. Data can be quickly and easily selected for restore with a simple interface, from any storage tier.

    Heterogeneity: Virtual and Physical servers backup – IT infrastructures nowadays are a mix of physical servers and virtual environments. The latter needs a new approach to backup, while the former needs ever-increasing quality of service. Atempo Time Navigator covers both worlds. In addition to physical servers, it offers an agentless solution for virtual systems, making deployment a breeze. It also accelerates operations through block-level incremental backup, and reduces backup storage with single file restore.

    Flexible Implementation and Great Restore Speeds – Atempo Time Navigator offers the flexibility to backup to disk or tape for easy implementation of optimal data protection architectures. With advanced Disk-to-Disk- to-Tape (D2D2T) technology, it allows for fast backups and restores, as well as the most effective use of the storage resources.

    Broad Support for Operating Systems and Applications – Atempo Time Navigator protects all the major UNIX, Linux, macOS and Windows platforms. It also provides hot backup and recovery options for leading databases, and supports popular messaging systems. ERP applications, clusters, and Microsoft environments, including Active Directory, are also supported.

    Effective de-duplication – Atempo Time Navigator deduplicates and compresses the data at the source to reduce the transmitted volume to a level acceptable for low bandwidth connections. Backups that once took hours can be reduced to minutes. Remote offices can share the central backup infrastructure, reducing the number of backup tapes required, or the amount of backup disk space needed. For local backups, Atempo Time Navigator fully integrates with the de-duplication engines embedded in the storage, such as VTLs (Virtual Tape Libraries), to greatly reduce the footprint of the backed-up data.