Workspace Tools

Unique Workspace Tools

Advanced risk mitigation and protection for Avid storage

Marquis Workspace Tools are specifically developed to protect Avid ISIS / NEXIS work in progress. They offer the highest level of resilience and protection whilst providing the industry’s fastest recovery time when measured against the hardest performance benchmark: recovery to live production.

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    Using unique Avid project and workspace data analytics, Workspace Tools are uniquely project cognisant, meaning a complete understanding of the nature and context of assets held within a workspace and linked assets in other workspaces.

    Why do our clients replace their existing Avid disaster recovery systems with Workspace Tools? The answers are simple.

    Recovery using conventional disaster recovery tools is too slow in achieving the recommencement of ISIS NEXIS production – in one customer case a week’s outage to recover a large ISIS.

    • Recovered projects that have been logged as successfully backed up are in fact incomplete – so even after waiting for recovery there are major production issues.
    • Either of the above can have significant adverse business, operational and commercial impact including missing on-air schedules and contractual deadlines.

    Workspace Backup

    Provides disaster recovery through:

    • Complete NEXIS backup, restore of individual projects or bins
    • Retention period protects from accidental deletion from NEXIS

    Workspace Sync

    Provides business continuity through:

    • Complete duplicate of NEXIS provides immediate failover
    • Recover production operation to last sync point within seconds

    Workspace Tools enable advanced business continuity and disaster recovery operations and are installed at many leading media enterprises worldwide. Workspace Tools use a unique Marquis Broadcast developed workspace analytics technology. Together Workspace Tools provide an ultra-reliable and easy to deploy, advanced risk mitigation and protection solution for Avid shared storage.