A Legacy Of Video Solutions. ProMAX has served creative media organisations for over 20 years with products that solve the unique needs of this industry.  We build high powered shared storage devices and workflow servers that improve the efficiency of the content creation process from ingest to archive. ProMAX products are used in Media and Entertainment companies, corporate creative groups, government, houses of worship and educational institutions alike.  Organisations like these turn to ProMAX to provide the most efficient, cost effective and reliable solutions to improve their creative processes.

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    Advanced Shared Storage and Archiving

    One System, One Interface, One Company

    ProMAX Platform™ Integrated Workflow Servers. Each component of the Platform System demonstrates superior stand-alone value for media creators; Advanced Shared Storage, Intuitive Asset Management and Searchable Archiving. Yet when used together, these three components create a synergistic ecosystem increasing the collaboration and efficiency of content creation teams.

    Which Platform™ is Right for You?

    Platform Pro-Cache. Extending the capabilities of the original Cache-A Archiving appliances, the Platform Pro-Cache takes network archiving to a new level of efficiency. Pro-Cache network archive appliances provide a simple and reliable solution for creative professionals to backup and restore media from LTO tapes.  Easy to install and operate, they have been engineered using the latest technology to provide years of fast and reliable archiving.

    Platform CORE ServersOffering the highest performance and most comprehensive Shared Storage solutions for media creators, Platform CORE combines the ultimate in performance, capacity and scalability with collaboration and project management.

    Platform COREFeature Rich Cost Effective Shared Storage

    Platform Nearline CORE. Massive Capacity Second Tier Storage

    High Performance Shared Storage. ProMAX Platform™ is the collaborative foundation for media creation. Platform Advanced Shared Storage provides Extreme Performance, Scalability and Secure Reliable Operation allowing your team to edit directly from the shared storage.

    Media Asset Management. Can you find files when you need them? ProMAX Platform™ has intuitive built in Media Asset Management that makes it easy to find, tag and share your assets. There is no need for 3rd party software or complex integrations.

    Back Up and Archiving. How do you archive and retrieve old footage? ProMAX Platform’s™ fully integrated LTO backup and archive system provides users with simple and comprehensive capabilities to easily offload and retrieve footage on tape.