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The 5 Pillars of Atempo Miria

All-in-One HPC Data Management

Any workflow. Any file storage.

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    Atempo Miria is an All-in-One Data Management platform for massive volumes of unstructured data.

    Five pillars for a singe solution and interface: analytics, backup, migration, archiving and mobility that combine to reduce costs.

    Find out how Miria can give you fast and secure data movement at scale, in the Cloud, Hybrid or On-Prem.

    Pillar #1 – Miria for Analytics

    Would your data management workflows improve with in-depth knowledge of your storage data usage- regardless of your file storage type or location?

    Miria for Analytics: provides clear analytical information, empowers decision making, reduces operating costs, and improves process and workflows.

    Pillar #2 – Miria for Backup
    Need to create versioned copies of your unstructured data with rapid and secure recovery to any NAS or Cloud location?
    Miria for Backup: functions seamlessly with large data workflows providing continuous access to all datasets. Bottom line? Economical backup, recovery and access for all unstructured data!
    Pillar #3 – Miria for Migration
    Need to relocate or consolidate massive amounts of data to a new destination? Migrate petabytes between cross-vendor storages? And give your teams continual access to their data…
    Miria for Migration: moves petabytes of data and metadata between dissimilar storages, and ensures total data integrity and availability. Bottom line? Secure, rapid data migration delivered on time and on budget!
    Pillar # 4 – Miria for Mobility
    Need to create, share and manage data across several locations and storages: all via the same data movement platform?
    Miria for Mobility: moves petabytes of data rapidly and securely between dissimilar storages and remote sites. Bottom line? Efficient collaboration with optimal costs for your teams, workflows and data!
    Pillar #5 – Miria for Archiving
    Looking for an archiving solution with built-in collaboration tools, cost-efficiency, superior performance, and long-term conservation?
    Miria for Archiving: provides secure yet active archiving with wide compatibility for your workflows and storage targets (disk, LTO/LTFS, object, cloud). Bottom line? Miria manages costs and keeps data safe and accessible!

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