The Best Defense Against Theft, Cyberattacks, Damage and Data Loss.

The one-stop backup solution for workstations and laptops.

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    Challenges faced by SMB IT Managers

    Lina is an all-in-one backup protection workstations and laptops fully addresses the needs of small and medium-sized business IT managers:

    How long does it take to restore a laptop following a cyberattack/ransomware?

    Will my backup enable me to fully reconstruct a lost or stolen laptop?

    How can I enable my users to manage their own data recovery jobs?

    Backup on one side, Disaster Recovery on the other. How do I manage associated data storage volumes to avoid additional costs?

    Customer Use Case examples:-

    Laptop backups used by remote workers (technicians, sales…)

    Workstation backups on remote sites connected over reduced bandwidth

    Laptop backups over Wifi on company premises

    Protection of departmental file servers

    Autonomous user restore

    Search function for historical backup versions

    Complete machine rebuild (system and content) from the backup server

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