Net-X-Code Suite

The Net-X-Code Suite provides tools for IP communication infra- structure and RESTful API, unicast and multicast IP video capture and conversion, an IP Video streamer, transcoding, clipping/partial file restoration and a real time player with clipping.

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    IP Capture, Control, Convert and Output

    Net-X-Code applications (Net-X-Code, Net-X-Cmd, Net-X-Copy, Net-X-Streamer, videoQC, and MediaReactor Workstation plugins) auto-detect and join user-defined enterprise groups on one or more servers within a network.  Once connected, the controller/user can configure the system in real time via the HTTP/RESTful interface.

    Server and Applications Overview

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      • Net-X-Cmd:  This component provides the central connection for all the other components.  It uses a Bonjour-like protocol to auto-sense components within its group in the network, and provides the HTTP/RESTful/HTML API
      • Net-X-Code:  Provides capture from network IP video sources to TS, MP4, fMP4, ISM, MXF, etc. files. A Net-X-Code server can capture 1 or more groups of up to 10 streams per group. Files can also include DASH, HLS and Smooth Streaming sidebar files. These recorded files can be stored locally or anywhere else on the network
      • Net-X-SDI:  Multichannel, multi standard 8K, 4K, HD and SD playback and capture, supporting QHD, HD-SDI, 3G, SDI and HDMI as well as network protocols including NDI, SMPTE 2022, and SMPTE 2110.  Capture and playback multi formats like MXF, MOV, AVI, TS, MPG and codecs including uncompressed, XDCam, AVCi, ProRes, DNxHD, h.264, DVHD, and many more.
      • Net-X-Server:  Can take recording or pre-recorded network IP video streams from disk anywhere in the network, and re-stream them via RTP or UDP back out to the network.  Net-X-Server also has a complete scheduling system for starting records, playbacks, IP captures/streams and conversion.
      • Net-X-Copy:  Is both a real time video translator, real time clipping engine and partial file restore system.  Any recording stream can be used as a source while it is still recording, or near line/tape backup files can be restored, only accessing the part of the file required for the restore. Sources include drive, tape, local network, private cloud, Google cloud and Amazon AWS S3.
      • Media File Scanner:  is an optional plugin that can scan local, network, Amazon S3, Google Cloud or other file repositories to identify and organize your media.  The scan works by creating media ‘clips’ that are the actual audio/video/metadata by combining and stitching together associated audio and video files.  The result is a set of actual media files, rather than just every file, that can be used to extract metadata, make proxies, generate thumbnails and push all the information into a database or your choice of MAM.
      • Net-X-Player:  A HTML5 based web player that can play time coded, frame accurate files, including RTIN real time files during record.  Net-X-Player can also send clipping commands directly to Net-X-Base.
      • videoQC:  Video preview is available from on disk, live recording and network video sources.  videoQC provides video waveform, vectorscope, histogram, chromaticity, and metadata displays, along with clipping and conversions.
      • MediaReactor Workstation:  These plugins allow professional editing and finishing systems to access all the file types created by the Net-X-Code system, and access the real time recording files while they are still growing.  MediaReactor Workstation is built into software like Assimilate and Nucoda, and available as an option for other systems like Adobe, Avid, Autodesk, Quantel, Final Cut, and even QuickTime compatible apps.