Dual Display Adapters for Apple® M1 Mac® Computers

February 2022 – New Release from Sonnet

Dual Display Adapters for Apple® M1 Mac® Computers

Available With Either DisplayPort™ or HDMI® Ports, Adapters Support Two 4K 60Hz Displays Using Single Computer Port and Provide Bus-Powered Operation

The DisplayLink™ Dual DisplayPort™ Adapter for M1 Macs (available to purchase in out web store USB3-DDP4K) and the DisplayLink Dual HDMI® Adapter for M1 Macs (also available from our web store USB3-DHDMI), new additions to the company’s line of dual display adapters for Intel®, M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max Mac®, and Windows® computers. Each adapter incorporates a captive cable with a USB-A connector, includes a USB-A female connector to USB-C® male connector adapter, and connects to a compatible computer’s USB or Thunderbolt™ port for bus-powered operation.

What They Do:

Sonnet’s DisplayLink Dual Display Adapters for M1 Mac computers enable users to connect two 4K (3840 x 2160) @ 60Hz displays — using either DisplayPort or HDMI connections — to a single port on their computers. These adapters are Ideal for use with productivity software such as Microsoft® Office, enabling users to work more efficiently by expanding their computer’s workspace — whether by opening multiple applications on their own screens, editing code or viewing spreadsheets in detail on a large display, or mirroring their computer’s display on a larger monitor. They can also connect a computer to a big-screen TV for browsing the web and watching videos on YouTube and other content at a distance.



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