3D Equalizer

3DEqualizer4 is the world’s leading 3D tracking solution, for merging live action footage with digital visual effects. It allows visual effects and post-production artists to measure and ‘matchmove” live action film sequences with virtual 3D environments and effects to create a seamless look and realistic completed scenes. For many years, the world’s top ten Visual Effects (VFX) production houses rely on 3DEqualizer4, including Double Negative, Framestore, Cinesite, Weta Digital, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Image Engine,Prime Focus and the Moving Picture Company (MPC).

The latest version of 3DEqualizer4 is now affordable for everyone – hobbyists, students, freelancers, small as well as large companies.From now on everybody can benefit from the great features of 3DEqualizer4, no matter which budget they have. The subscription option makes it possible to use and pay for 3DEqualizer4 only when it is needed. Hobbyists, students and beginners now have the possibility to start right away with the best and most professional tracking software available to date. That knowledge will pave them the way to an employment in the vfx industry as 3DEqualizer4 is the standard software for most of the world’s leading vfx production companies. The advantages for larger companies are obvious: their core workforce can be equipped with a number of permanent licenses and in addition bottlenecks can be bridged over with price sensitive, timely limited subscriptions.

3DEqualizer4 Release 4 1 month Subscription

A 1 month subscription, including online support as well as latest software updates.

3DEqualizer4 Release 4 – 3 months Subscription

A 3 months subscription can be purchased – online support and access to the latest updates are included. The subscription will automatically be extended for another 3 months – a cancellation can be done at any time. The subscription fee can be paid in advance or on a monthly basis.

3DEqualizer4 Release 4 – 12 months Subscription

A 12 months subscription is available. Payment can be done in advance or on a monthly basis. The subscription includes online support and latest software updates. The subscription will automatically be renewed after 12 months and can be canceled at any time.

3DEqualizer4 Release 4 – Permanent Floating License

A permanent floating license of 3DEqualizer4 Release 4 including 12 months free upgrades and online support.

3DEqualizer4 Release 4 – Software Upgrade

Permanent licenses of 3DE4 Release 1 “Foundation Edition” or 3DE4 Release 2 “Advanced Edition” – purchased in 2014 or later – can be upgraded to the latest version 3DE4 Release 4. This upgrade includes 12 months online support as well as free software updates.

3DEqualizer4 Release 4 – Annual Support Renewal

Customers, who own permanent licenses, can purchase additional 12 months online support and access to all upgrades which become available during this 12 months period.

Please be aware that we have phased out the “Foundation” Edition Release 1 and the “Advanced” Edition Release 2. These versions can’t be purchased anymore, but can still be updated to the latest version 3DE4 Release4.

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For price enquiries, please contact Intraware Sales Team on 02 9439 0244 or email us: sales@intraware.com.au