Eddy for Nuke

Eddy for Nuke is a plugin for simulating gaseous phenomena inside of Nuke. Eddy makes it possible to work with smoke, fire and similar gaseous fluid sims fast and interactively, enabling previously impossible workflows.

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    Framestore on their work with Eddy.

    “An advanced combination of Houdini VFX and deep compositing, alongside the Eddy plugin for Nuke, gave the VFX destruction shots their fine level of craft; Eddy also giving Framestore’s 2D artists creative licence to make faster, and more organic, iterations of simulated dust and particles, lending to the overall detail and finish of the piece.”

    Click here or on the above image, to read the full article from Framestore.

    John Brennick – Senior VFX Compositor – Digital Domain

    “With the ability to take advantage of such a fast GPU solver, the ability to iterate your sims to get the look you’re after is finally possible in a compositor’s hands.”

    “..with the help of Eddy, we can now provide even more to our clients for less.”

    Eddy is written entirely on the GPU. This is the start of an interesting journey and a new paradigm in solving complex VFX simulation challenges.

    • Full deep data output.
    • Written entirely on the GPU.
    • Optimized scripting language.
    • Extensive C and Python API.
    • Physically based volume renderer.
    • Interactive simulation and rendering.
    • Volumetric Rendering.
    • Automatic caching of simulation data
    • Available on Windows and Linux (requires Nvidia CUDA compatible gpu, 8gb VRAM minimum recommended)

    Eddy is avaliable now for purchase through Intraware. Click above for details.