Eddy 2.0 Licensing Overview

Eddy for Nuke Licensing

Eddy for Nuke integrates the Eddy Engine deeply into Nuke, enabling new workflows for compositing and FX artists, previously not possible.

Eddy allows artists to generate new high quality fluid simulations and render them with state of the art algorithms inside of Nuke.

Both the Simulation and Rendering core can be licensed separately to allow better utilization and cost effectiveness. In addition a batch license supports processing of Nuke’s command-line jobs.


  • State of the art fluid simulations for gaseous phenomena.
  • Sparse data structures for efficient GPU memory utilisation, enabling larger simulations.
  • Combustion engine for fire and explosions.
  • Kinematic viscosity solver.
  • Conversions of meshes and particles to volumes for collision or emission.
  • Volumetric field compositing pipeline to allow complex emissions and force fields.
  • Highly customizable and extensible via Eddy’s python template system.
  • Extend volumetric field operations via EddyScript.
  • Caching support of simulation data to the OpenVDB file format.


  • State of the art direct physically based volume rendering of participating media on the GPU.
  • Volumetric field compositing pipeline.
  • Full deep data output support.
  • AOV output support.
  • Holdout support for meshes and implicit surfaces.
  • Optimized GPU scripting engine with artist friendly Python syntax.
  • Open and customizable shaders for different volumetric media.
  • Support for various color spaces.
  • Extend color spaces via python.
  • Physical Sun/Sky model.
  • Loading of simulation data from any source via the OpenVDB file format.
  • Conversions of meshes and particles to volumes to be used in render graphs.


  • Execute Nuke scripts containing Eddy nodes from command-line.
  • Cache VDB sequences from command line.

Eddy Complete

  • Includes both a simulation and render license, granting full access to all Eddy features – simulation, rendering, and volumetric compositing.
  • Also includes a bonus batch license.

Eddy for Nuke Pricing

(All prices are in US Dollars)

Eddy Simulation: $1495

Eddy Render license: $995

Eddy Batch license: $695 USD

Eddy Complete: $2,495 USD

All licenses are perpetual and are available as floating or node-locked options.

Contact Intraware via email sales@intraware.com.au for purchasing or any questions.