SGI offers a full line of state-of-the-art disk storage systems to meet a broad range of needs. The SGI InfiniteStorage RAID storage systems combine leading edge hardware with a choice of host interfaces including SAS and FC and drive technologies in an affordable external storage platform.

IS5000 SGI® InfiniteStorage 5000 (IS5000) is the newest addition to a complete selection of SGI storage hardware and software solutions, and the first to employ 6 Gb/s SAS technology. The system provides customers with improved performance and scalability, multi-protocol host connectivity, flexible drive support, and advanced energy saving and data security features. IS220 SGI® InfiniteStorage 220 simplifies initial deployment and ongoing management with fully integrated software and a flexible appliance-like design with solutions delivering maximum value for data backup, disaster recovery, and general file storage applications.

Pro Storage

Pro Storage
Sonnet’s Fusion™ line of pro storage systems comprise of portable, desktop, and rackmount solutions. The mobile two and four-drive portable units feature ruggedized drive enclosures designed for any worflow environment. High-performance and cost-effective desktop attached storage with advanced RAID controllers provide up to eight drives with excellent expandability and RAID reliability. For high-end workflow sharing, rackmount 16-drive/16-port/8Gb Fibre Channel shared storage systems offer great flexibility and mass storage.

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