eMAM Vault Asset Management

Empress eMAM Vault offers a combination of digital asset management, transcoding and LTO library management, all available in a single scalable system. eMAM Vault is available either in the form of a variety of turnkey models or as a software only option. This archive option is suitable for a wide range of organisations right from those just starting out to others, which need powerful, high-end systems. Also available with enterprise redundancy and scaling.

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    Where is eMAM Vault used?

    • Media & Entertainment Companies
    • Corporate Marketing and Communications
    • Broadcasters
    • Post Houses
    • Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising Agencies

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    eMAM Vault: Features and Benefits

    Simple Browser Interface

    Archived content can be easily accessed from any web browser.

    Easily Accessible

    Content can be easily and quickly retrieved using metadata. This is due to the presence of a highly efficient search engine.


    Content is safely archived on LTO. Proxies are accessible by users with appropriate privileges.