3DEqualizer by Science-D-Vision is at the forefront of 3d tracking. It is designed to merge live action footage with digital effects, an essential element of the art of post production and movie making. It is used by most if not all of the major studios around the globe and has been used on all of films biggest blockbusters. Many of those companies rely on 3DEqualizer since its very first version which has been introduced 20 years ago – some of them exclusively!

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    Founded in December 1995, Science-D-Visions is among the pioneers of modern matchmoving. Their 20 years of experience in this field led to the development of the world’s most powerful 3D tracking software: 3DEqualizer.

    It is the matchmove software of choice for the world’s leading vfx facilities. Out of 18 productions, honored with an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects since 1998, 12 utilized 3DEqualizer as their major 3D tracking solution: Gladiator, The Lord Of The Rings, Avatar, Inception, Gravity, Interstellar – to name just a few.