ScaleLogic Hyper FS

HyperFS presents a unified storage file system that takes the worry out of shared SAN/Block and Scale-Out NAS/File data storage, no matter what your needs are. If you have a small organization with a bright future, HyperFS can cover your expansion with on-the-fly capacity and performance scalability. If your enterprise-level organization needs to access billions of files, folders, and objects 24/7, HyperFS can handle that with over 64 PB of data storage and robust High Availability for data and metadata.

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    HyperFS’s features can make your life easier through certifications on a wide variety of industry applications, file and block level access to a single file system, and simultaneous access to that file system on Windows, Mac, and Linux. No matter the size of your organization or the specifics of your storage needs, HyperFS can handle your data storage better and with less hassle than any other file system.

    • Media-centric file system optimized for large files and near zero fragmentation
    • Support archive and backup layer for increased asset reliability
    • Scalability: Expand as the workflow grows = a growing file system
    • Compatible with over 100 media-centric Applications

    While supporting mass data sharing and storage, back-end optical fiber storage units can provide the FC direct connection application mode according to users’ different needs. The application mode can provide standard FC-SAN applications to help users integrate data and store different business data.

    Featuring strong IO performance, scalability, reliability and easy management, the HyperFS cluster file system can be widely used in information processing fields including video post production, digital media assets management, streaming media, cloud computing, exploration data analysis, remote sensing information processing, scientific education and calculation, simulation, network digital video monitoring, and cloud storage.