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Are we to witness the end of the green-screen era? A silent revolution is taking place on film and TV sets, virtual production is enabling productions to create immersive and dynamic sets and backgrounds, based on simple LED panels instead of elaborate and costly set designs.

LED panels prove to be the ideal solution and canvas to portray set and backgrounds created in virtual reality. Thereby creating maximum flexibility for the production teams to make last-minute set changes or slight alterations and comforting actors in a setting that is both real and immersive, enhancing their performance in comparison to performing against a green screen.

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    Virtual Productions & xR Stages

    Event organizers are looking to invest in hybrid event platforms to position their businesses, bringing people together in new and engaging ways.
    Data from the market is backing this up, smaller meetings and meetings with virtual delegates have to fill the gap, The change to being able to organize normal events will be very gradual. ROE Visual, a preferred supplier for most companies engaging in this fast-evolving technology, rises to the challenge.

    A similar technology is used to create immersive video environments for broadcast. Replacing the traditional green screen element of a virtual studio allows the presenters and audience to see and interact with the content around them. This ground-breaking technology is already having a huge influence on how broadcasts are delivered across the globe.

    Premier choice LED products for Virtual Sets

    So why do the ROE Visual LED panels have such an outstanding performance in this setting? Intensive testing and tweaking tell us, this is not down to one factor, but a combination of factors. Certain is that the combination of the LED screen and the processing and syncing of these with the camera, is crucial to get good results. This needs to be done for every setup. ROE Visual LED screens work with high-end components, and state of the art driver IC’s, which makes all the difference for the on-camera performance.

    All ROE Visual LED panels are capable to display visuals in either 10-bit or 12-bit HDR. By selecting the premium LED batches from carefully selected suppliers, ROE Visual is able to reach more than 90% of the color gamut on a rec2020 target. And last but not least for this type of application, ROE Visual LED panels are able to work with higher frame rates. Due to new high frame-rate options in the software, ROE Visual LED panels can reach up to 144 frames per second.