Platform Workflow Servers

ProMAX Platform Integrated Workflow Servers

Each component of the Platform System demonstrates superior stand-alone value for media creators; Advanced Shared Storage, Intuitive Asset Management and Searchable Archiving. Yet when used together, these three components create a synergistic ecosystem increasing the collaboration and efficiency of content creation teams.

Which Platform is Right for You?

Platform Online

Faster Workflows, Better Creative

Supercharging your creative workflows, Platform Online gives video professionals the most powerful server in the industry, with storage performance for 4K & beyond, and huge CPU power to offload processor intensive tasks.

Tech Specs

Platform Online SSD

Ultimate Performance, No Compromise

Platform Online SSD utilizes today’s fastest storage technology to remove traditional shared storage boundaries finally giving Colorists and Finishing artists the ability to collaborate on projects together.

Tech Specs

Platform Nearline

Think Bigger, Work Faster

Stop hoarding media on your ‘Online’ storage – scale your system with a high capacity, cost effective Nearline solution, delivering ultra-high speed data transfer and ‘Enterprise’ levels of data protection.

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Platform Portable

Share Everything, Anywhere

On-set, in the hotel, or back in the studio, Platform Portable is the best way for teams to connect their existing attached storage and create a powerful but simple shared editing environment.

Tech Specs

Platform Studio

Big Performance for Smaller Teams

Whisper-quiet and with a unique desktop form factor, Platform Studio is ideal for smaller studios looking for an affordable high-performance Workflow Server to upgrade their creative process.

Tech Specs

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