eMAM is a web accessible media asset management software designed to organise, share, archive and repurpose digital content such as videos, audios, images and documents. It is loaded with features and a range of options to suit the diverse needs of organisations both small and large. eMAM features modular licensing, can be deployed internally or ‘in the cloud’ or a combination of both, allowing MDBA the ability to tailor the solution to their specific requirements.

The eMAM digital asset management system provides powerful tools to help organisations meet their operational goals, whilst ensuring security and meeting budgetary constraints. The eMAM system creates small, portable proxy copies of all types of content. Any intranet or Internet connection provides users with access to the online library for previewing, collaborating and managing content. Proxy copies transmit quickly, fostering collaboration and increasing productivity, whilst minimising storage and transmission costs. eMAM controls both the actions of users and what content they see in the system. eMAM can dynamically assign users to groups, with defined roles. Permissions can be set for each activity for user groups or for individual users. eMAM integrates with Active Directory to tie current institutional policies to roles in the eMAM system. The interface is as easy to use as online shopping, which increases user acceptance and minimises support and training costs. All workflow and media management actions are handled by the system using the same interface. Content can be repurposed with a drag and drop to any number of locations or platforms. Empress eMAM is hardware agnostic and offers four separate software solutions, so the most suitable solution can be implemented to suit your needs and budget.

  • eMAM Online Software as a Service (SaaS): Empress host your content in their dedicated servers for secure storage with no hardware and infrastructure costs for a monthly fee. The interface is the same as our other systems, so migrating to another system is easy if your needs change
  • eMAM Vault is an archive management system for customers needing solutions focused on this requirement. eMAM can provide front-end search, browse, and other tools for LTO libraries of any size at an affordable price point. Integration with HSM archive management systems is provided and it is scalable as your needs grow or change
  • eMAM Workgroup is a powerful workflow management tool suitable for a wide range of small and medium organisations, or individual divisions of large organisations. Deployed on one or two servers, it can provide all the power of the eMAM system at a very competitive price and is scalable as your needs grow or change
  • eMAM Enterprise is a scaled, multi-server system designed for the demanding needs of large organisations. The system can be deployed to meet customer needs for redundancy, failover, and processing.