Control Devices and Grading

JLCooper is serious about precise control. We’re devoted to producing professional–quality Control, Interfacing, Synchronization and Automation Products. Our mission succeeds when an impossible problem is solved or a difficult job is made easier.

Effortless control expands your imagination. JLCooper controllers let you work faster and with increasedproficiency. Theyprovidetheease–of–use and tactile elegance that is missing from“software only”user interfaces.

With the largest line of control products for computer based systems and specialized applications, our products set the standards that others follow.

Our record speaks for itself with over 25 years of award winning products hard at work every day.

Our clients include ABC, Agfa Healthcare, Apple,BBC,CBC,CBS,CNN,Direct TV,ESPN, HBO,Heartlab,IBM,IMAX,Industrial Light & Magic, The Juliard Academy, Lockheed Martin, MIT, MTV, National Center for Macrobiological Research,NBA,NBC,NFL Films,Pixar,Sony Pictures,Technicolor,Universal Studios,Walt Disney Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, the U.S. Congress, and the Library of Congress.

Thousands of leading companies in audio and video production, television and radio broad- cast, animation, sound reinforcement, lighting, aerospace, education, scientific research, medical imaging, recording artists and others rely on JLCooper products every day.

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