Time Navigator

For fast efficient automated Backup and Restore
Combining the best of data protection and storage security, Atempo Time Navigator offers an advanced, high-performance protection and archival solution for heterogeneous environments.

An advanced high-performance backup and recovery solution, Atempo Time Navigator has evolved into a powerful and easy to use tool for tiered data protection that can fit the data protection needs of both large enterprises and small to medium size businesses. Whether you manage a few servers, a workgroup or a multi-location enterprise network, Atempo Time Navigator helps you seamlessly manage data throughout its lifecycle. With the latest technologies built into its backup architecture, Atempo Time Navigator makes it possible to restore individual files from any point in time and any storage media.

Enterprise Scalability
Unlike many conventional backup solutions, Atempo Time Navigator offers unlimited scalability, giving you flexible data protection you can take from a single workgroup to thousands of enterprise nodes.

Time Navigation for a Unique Restore Approach
Image-based restores offer full views of the file directories at any point in the past, which means you can locate files very efficiently and restore them in seconds. Perform fast, accurate restores from any storage tier with one common interface.

Broad Support for Operating Systems and Applications
Atempo Time Navigator protects all the major UNIX, Linux, Mac OS and Windows platforms. It also provides hot backup and recovery options for leading databases and supports popular messaging systems. ERP applications, clusters and Microsoft environments including Active Directory are also supported.