AVB-TB Thunderbolt AVB GE Adapter for Macs



Sonnet Thunderbolt AVB Adapter

Compact, Professional Bus-powered Gigabit Ethernet Adapter with AVB Support for Mac Computers with Thunderbolt Ports
The Single-adapter Solution for Connecting to Pro Tools | Carbon
The Avid® Pro Tools | Carbon audio interface for music production has been described as a creative game changer; its innovative use of eight onboard HDX processors and a custom FPGA enable you to track and monitor with near-zero latency when using AAX DSP plug-ins. Because Carbon connects to your Mac® over Ethernet using a proprietary version of AVB (Audio Video Bridging, aka IEEE 802.1), you’ll have to use an AVB capable Thunderbolt™ Gigabit Ethernet adapter if your computer doesn’t have onboard Ethernet. The Avid Qualified Sonnet Thunderbolt AVB adapter is your single-adapter solution for connecting your supported Mac with Thunderbolt ports to the Carbon interface.
AVB-Compliant Ethernet Adapter

Connect to Other Devices On a Network

Beyond its support for the Pro Tools | Carbon interface, the Sonnet Thunderbolt AVB Adapter enables you to add your Mac as an endpoint in an AVB network and connect to other devices such as audio interfaces, mixers, plug-in processors, personal monitor stations, stage boxes, speakers, speaker processors, and others. Audio Video Bridging support makes the adapter perfect for use in pro audio and video applications where synchronization of data streams is critical.

AVB Network Diagram

What is the Benefit of an AVB Network?
An AVB network is extremely reliable since it is designed to reserve a portion of the available Ethernet network bandwidth for its own data. Packets of AVB data are sent regularly in allocated slots within the reserved bandwidth, ensuring AVB packets maintain time synchronization.

Thunderbolt Interface for Low Latency

Featuring a 40Gbps Thunderbolt™ interface, the Sonnet Thunderbolt AVB Adapter supports the low-latency, fully synchronized streaming of audio and video over Ethernet required for Avid Pro Tools | Carbon and AVB support.


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