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Power to scale: Play huge video content across massive canvases

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    Push more pixels

    The flagship of the disguise pro range, the disguise 4x4pro sets the industry benchmark for power, flexibility and convenience.

    More content more impact

    The 4x4pro comes with more inputs and outputs and can play up to 32 HD layers of content. Not only does it step up in terms of quality and quantity, but it can also process things faster. With twin 10Gbit/sec Ethernet connections, the 4x4pro can transfer huge files i na matter of minutes. An extrnal PCIe slot also lets you install more starage, so you can do more.

    Flexibility for the big occasions

    The 4x4pro come wiht four Video Format Conversion cards. An industry first, they let you drive up to 16HD outputs as DVI or SDI or 4x 4k from a single unit. So you can mix multiple signals on the same system and deliver large multi-projector shows with fewer machines.


    The power to be flexible

    The 2x4pro is the newest addition to the pro range, meeting the technical requirements for medium hows and projects.

    Tough on the outside

    With fewer outputs, the 2x4pro is compact and more affordable. it comes in  rugged 4U chassis built of aluminium and steel. Sturdy and tough, the server is designed for a life on the road.

    The power to be flexible

    The 2x4pro supports our industry first, replaceable Video Format Conversion (VFC) cards. Output DVI, SDI, or DisplayPort without changing the system. Mix signal formats and resolution types in the same project, with guaranteed frame synchronisation and near-zero latency.

    Which pro range server is right for you?

    VX4 4x4pro 2x4pro
    CPU Dual Intel Xeon Gold 3.2Ghz 2x Xeon Hexa-Core 3.5Ghz Xeon Quad-Core 3.7Ghz
    Memory 96GB DDR4 RAM 32GB DDR3 ECC RAM 16GB DDR4 RAM
    Storage 2x 128GB SSD
    (Internal System Drives)
    Up to 4 NVMe Drives
    4x 2TB Removable NVMe SSD (default)
    2x 80GB SSD (Internal System Drive, Restore Drive)
    2TB Removable SSD RAID Array
    2× 80GB SSD (Internal System Drive, Restore Drive)
    2TB Internal SSD
    Operating system Windows 10 Enterprise SAC Windows 8.1 Embedded Pro Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB
    Video output 1x Displayport 1.2 (GUI)4x VFC Output Slots
    4x VFC Output Slots
    Ships standard with HDMI 2.0 VFC cards (4096 x 2160 max)
    Different VFC cards available
    4x DisplayPort 1.2 (Stage) (4096 x 2160 max)
    1x DisplayPort 1.2 (GUI)
    Different VFC cards available
    2x DisplayPort 1.2 (Stage) (4096 x 2160 max)
    1x DisplayPort 1.2 (GUI)
    Different VFC cards available