OmniCal is a camera-based projector calibration system which gives disguise the ability to ‘see’.

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    Power for projection

    A camera-based projector calibration system, OmniCal quickly captures a point cloud of your stage, accurately calibrates projectors to sub-pixel accuracy, and conforms pre-existing surface meshes to match reality.

    OmniCal hardware

    OmniCal is a hardware-on-software solution. There are two hardware kits available: wireless kits that use iPod Touch for on-the-move and quick setups, or wired kits that use pre-configured ethernet-based machine-vision cameras. The hardware has been developed and tested alongside the software, ensuring reliability and user confidence.


    OmniCal can dramatically improve projection quality and setup time, even for the most complex setups.

    Calibrate 360° projection environments – giving you the scalability you need for a show of any size.

    Powerful hardware

    Key to the powerful software, is the powerful disguise OmniCal camera hardware. It comes pre-configured and licensed allowing you to use it seamlessly with the disguise software.