LSI™ ONStor™ clustered NAS gateway is a diskless server designed to provide scalable file services using a shared fibre channel SAN. It is the industry’s only solution that combines the simplicity of NAS with the flexibility to use the disk of your choice. With ONStor NAS gateways, you can consolidate your mission-critical data across a broad range of heterogeneous enterprise SAN storage.

Based on a purpose-built hardware platform that uses energy-efficient, multi-core, 64-bit network processors, ONStor NAS gateways combine n-way clustering, server virtualization, and pooled storage management to enable consolidation of hundreds of applications and servers in your enterprise.
Open Storage for Investment Protection

Interoperable with all leading enterprise disk storage arrays, ONStor clustered NAS gateways enable you to consolidate heterogeneous SAN storage under a single file management framework. Leverage your investments in SAN storage and reduce your overall cost of ownership for delivering scalable multi-protocol file services. Designed to seamlessly interoperate with UNIX®, Windows®, and Web environments, ONStor NAS gateways deliver scalable performance along with comprehensive data protection and management.

Eco-friendly, Energy Efficient Design

ONStor clustered NAS gateways are built using a specialized, network processor-based architecture which maximizes data throughput with low latencies even under high workloads. Designed specifically for efficient data movement, the gateway’s network processors deliver high performance with low power consumption and heat dissipation making ONStor NAS gateways an energy-efficient, eco-friendly network storage solution.

Scaling Performance and Capacity Independently

ONStor clustered NAS gateways features a modular clustered architecture that lets you add performance and capacity when you need it. You can start with an affordable entry-level configuration and then scale seamlessly as requirements grow. The native active-active N-way cluster simplifies scaling in addition to delivering high availability. Advanced features such as non-stop cluster management and automated storage provisioning enable ONStor NAS gateways and SAN storage to be added independently so you can scale performance or capacity to match application requirements. ONStor EverON StorFS file system supports dynamic addition of capacity to meet the continually changing needs of enterprise and data center applications.

Uncompromising Data Availability

ONStor clustered NAS gateways are tightly integrated with ONStor EverON™ operating system and feature modular system architecture to deliver maximum data availability and resilient operation. With native active-active N-way clustering, ONStor NAS gateways deliver scalable clustered storage with no single point of failure. Data availability is further maximized by a comprehensive suite of data protection features such as snapshots, mirroring and replication.

Flexibility and Agility with Virtual Servers

If you’ve ever had one server overloaded while a nearby server sits idle, you know the problem of resource utilization. ONStor NAS gateways overcome this with virtual servers that let you redistribute resources on the fly. The virtual server is a unique virtual entity – with its own name and IP address – that can be transparently moved among NAS gateways in the cluster. Users see it as a permanent mount point that never changes. For you, virtual servers make load balancing and performance scaling a snap. And, with this level of granular management, you can easily accommodate performance or availability SLAs for specific applications.