eMAM Publish

Empress eMAM Publish creates an online library for your video assets, whether they are stored in local storage, in the archive, or in the cloud. Web and tablet based tools allow you to manage and use your content from any connected device. Powerful tools allow review and approval, branded email and social media sharing, digital publishing, and digital delivery of high resolution content in any format to any location.

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    • Online Proxy Library: search and use media quickly and easily from a web browser or tablet.
    • Content Management: move content between any number of on premise or cloud locations.
    • Link Sharing: review and approval, branded mixed media email sharing/marketing, social media, web publishing.
    • Digital Delivery: send high res media to edit, to CDN and streaming platforms, to broadcast, to archive, … to anywhere in any format.
    • Federated Search: search and browse content regardless of where it is stored.
    • Archive/Storage Management: manage media in any storage, archive, or cloud system.
    • Review/Approval: send email review/approval links.
    • Embed Link: create playable video links for web or sharing with custom skin.
    • eBINs: send branded mixed media (tabs for video/image/other) emails.
    • Social Media: send links to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube.
    • Delivery: send native resolution content with file acceleration and transcoding to broadcast, CDN, streaming services, editors, or other destinations.
    • Adaptive: scales or reconfigures easily as needs grow or change.
    • Connected: interoperable with many third party systems to provide integrated, automated workflows.
    • Universal: manages any combination of local and cloud storage locations with easy web and tablet management.
    • Easysimple interface for technical and non-technical users, clients, and the general public.
    • Secureuse organization security (active directory) processes and granular permission settings to control access and permissions.