Virtual Production

Intraware has been bringing this exciting new technology to the production industry since 2018  and has in that time put together key leading pieces of technology that provide a complete end to end VP capability encompassing, Disguise Media Servers for real time comping and layout, ROE LED walls for background display, Star Tracker real time camera tracking, Designer for 3d set creation and visualisation, Unreal and Notch 3d engines for environment design.


Central to the entire VP system and the nerve centre is Disguise video servers and their Designer set design and visualisation software
Brit Awards UK
MMC Studios Netherlands

ROE LED walls

ROE is the premium LED display technology and has been providing the live events industry for many years.

Mo-Sys Star Tracker

Star Tracker is the leading realtime camera tracking system that provides the Disguise server with accurate camera positions information for correct perspective output to the LED wall via the Disguise server.

UNreal and Notch

Unreal and Notch are ground breaking real time 3D engines for creating virtual environment for ROE LED walls or projections systems via Disguise servers. Real time cameratracking data is fed to the 3d engines from StarTracer real time tracker via the disguise server.