Atempo Live Navigator

Atempo Live Navigator (ALN) is a server and laptop backup solution with full CDP (Continuous Data Protection) for critical endpoint file data. ALN transparently backs up desktops, laptops and file servers in real-time and offers intuitive end-user self-service restore and access to all backed-up file versions. ALN is a genuine Enterprise solution for company endpoints including VIP laptops which are rarely connected to the local network.

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    The end-user, self-service restore enables you to search and restore in many ways, whether a right-click in the Windows Explorer, using a wizard, using the Time Navigation interface from anywhere via a browser.

    Manage your own data and your own restorations with the Live Navigator laptop backup solution. No need to bother your busy IT teams.

    Live Navigator delivers efficient source and target deduplication between workstations and file servers only sends new data blocks to the backup server, optimizing storage space and network resources.

    Very high dedupe rates are consistently returned and your data integrity is always in safe hands.

    Through its multi-site hierarchical replication, Live Navigator combines high speed local restoration with centralised data protection. It results in an improved operational efficiency and reduced business risks.

    Getting one file back, or one machine, or one hundred machines, everything is based on security, simplicity and rapidity.

    Secures data on the most popular laptops and workstations, running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

    Live Navigator is perfect for backing up larger file servers.

    Restore files from a lost or damaged laptop from any web browser in the world. Live Navigator’s web restore makes it possible to retrieve a Powerpoint presentation minutes before going into an important meeting.

    While Live Navigator offers the same, useful time navigation interface as Atempo Time Navigator, it can also share the same infrastructure using the same deduplication mechanisms and storage spaces.