Atempo Digital Archive

Addressing the growing challenges of storage management and long-term data preservation, Atempo Digital Archive offers scalability, flexibility, and performance in an open architecture.

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    Today’s IT managers must often address contradictory demands: contain exponential growth of digital data, but keep that data available long-term, while holding storage costs down. Built for the demands of data-intense industries like media & entertainment, scientific research and healthcare, Atempo Digital Archive allows organizations to cost effectively manage the growth of their file-based data. With Atempo Digital Archive, files can be preserved indefinitely—enabling content re-use, reducing the burden of e-discovery and ensuring compliance with government regulations.

    Containing Exponential Storage Growth
    The solution to overstuffed volumes? Migrate rarely used, fixed data stored on expensive disks to more economical secondary storage media, such as tape, low-cost disk, and cloud storage. Based on parameters administrators set—such as file age, last accessed date, and file type—Atempo Digital Archive automatically identifies files for archiving and then moves them to the designated lower-cost platform.

    Long-term Retention of Digital Assets
    Digital information represents both the lifeblood of a business today, and the basis of records that may need to be accessed for generations. With its integrated capabilities for full content indexing, search, and metadata indexing, Atempo Digital Archive allows users to retrieve information quickly and easily—indefinitely.

    Streamlining Digital Media Workflows
    Atempo Digital Archive protects and preserves content throughout digital media workflows, and optimizes capacity as storage demands increase. From newly ingested footage to completed projects, Atempo Digital Archive ensures content can be easily searched and retrieved for re-distribution or re-use in new productions. Atempo Digital Archive has been integrated with popular asset management systems, including Apple Final Cut Server, Building4Media FORK and CatDV.