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Be4Post Builds New DIT Station Solutions Around Sonnet xMac Pro Server for Full Range of TV and Film Productions

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New DIT Station Solutions Around Sonnet xMac Pro Server 

IRVINE, CA—March 3, 2016—Sonnet Technologies today announced that Be4Post, a French provider of high-performance mobile stations for film and television production, has chosen Sonnet’s xMac™ Pro Server to drive its all-new digital imaging technician (DIT) stations. The xMac Pro Server provides a secure, 4U rackmount enclosure for a Mac Pro® computer and Thunderbolt™ 2-to-PCI Express® (PCIe®) Card expansion for both Be4Post DIT station models – the X4-Wheel and the D4-Wheel.

“We are committed users of Sonnet solutions; in fact, the Sonnet Echo Express III Thunderbolt expansion chassis has performed reliably and well for us on complex shoots and in harsh weather conditions. Therefore, we knew very early in the design of our new DIT stations that we wanted to build them around the xMac Pro Server,” said Matthieu Straub, head of technology at Be4Post. “The xMac Pro Server provides an essential connectivity link between the Mac Pro and the peripheral solutions in the DIT stations, enabling us to deploy light and powerful tools that can evolve without compromise.”

Be4Post specializes in high-performance mobile stations for dailies prep, live color grading, data management, and DIT servicing on productions ranging from low-budget, single-camera shoots to high-end blockbusters in all digital formats. The company’s new mobile DIT stations offer on-set color grading from live camera feeds, secure back-up, transcoding, and real-time RAW playback to support dailies prep, quality control, and other production requirements. Both the X4-Wheels and the D4-Wheels are built around the Sonnet xMac Pro Server, which securely mounts a 12-core Mac Pro cylinder and connects built-in PCIe 2.0 slots via Thunderbolt 2 to support a Red® Rocket-X video playback and transcoding card, a Sonnet Tempo 4-port eSATA host controller card, and a SAS 4 RAID controller card.

“Be4Post’s new DIT stations are perfect applications for our xMac Pro Server because they address on-location media productions’ increased requirements for powerful, portable, IT-integrated motion image processing solutions,” said Greg LaPorte, vice president of sales and marketing, Sonnet Technologies. “Already Be4Post clients from many types of productions have given a thumbs-up to the new DIT stations, providing directors of photography robust authoring tools and complete control over their images in a production chain. Sonnet and Be4Post share the philosophy that technology should not be a hindrance, but should empower artists whose only limit is their imagination.”

More information on Sonnet and its product family is available at

Renowned Visual Arts University Relies on Sonnet to Support New Mac Pro®-Based Virtual Environment

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Sonnet RackMac™ Pro Rackmount Enclosure and Twin 10G 10 Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt™ 2 Adapter Securely Hold Mac Pro® Cylinders and Connect Them to 10Gb Network

IRVINE, CA—March 15, 2016—The Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL), a top-ranked visual communication, art, and design university in Switzerland, has installed Sonnet’s RackMac™ Pro rackmount enclosures and Twin 10G Dual-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt™ 2 adapters to support its new Mac Pro®-based virtual environment.

“After we squeezed all the useful life out of our Apple® Xserve® machines, we began migrating our virtualized workflow to a server platform based on Mac Pro cylinders. The next step was to find a solution for rackmounting and connecting them to our Cisco Nexus 10Gb network infrastructure,” said David Tschudi, information services manager at ECAL. “Although the Mac Pro looks cool, the cylinder shape doesn’t exactly lend itself to rackmounting. Sonnet Technologies offered the ideal solution. In fact, the migration has been so successful that we’re now looking at replacing our HP virtual servers with the Mac Pro configuration, supported by the Sonnet gear.”

ECAL purchased four new Mac Pro 6.1 cylinders and is using the Sonnet RackMac Pro, in tandem with the Sonnet Twin 10G adapters, to support the infrastructure. The duo version of the RackMac Pro lets ECAL securely mount two Mac Pros horizontally in a compact 4U enclosure. Mounted inside the RackMac Pro is a Twin 10G Thunderbolt adapter for each computer, providing lightning-fast connectivity to ECAL’s 10Gb network. ECAL is planning to completely phase out its six Xserve servers and start using the other two Mac Pros in the RackMac Pro/Twin 10G configuration.

ECAL had long been operating in a virtualized environment under VMware’s vSphere®, which until recently managed ECAL’s cluster of six Apple Xserve enterprise servers running an OS X® virtual machine server. ECAL also runs a cluster of four HP servers managed by Windows Server® VM. Thanks to the Sonnet support platform, not only was vSphere’s ESXi hypervisor easy to install on the new Mac Pros, but the configuration of the servers offered savings by requiring only four VMware licenses (compared with the 12 licenses of the previous Xserve cluster). ECAL can run Linux, Windows®, or OS X virtual machines all on one vSphere ESXi cluster and can take advantage of the Mac Pro’s superior 128GB of virtualized RAM.

“ECAL has a rich heritage going all the way back to 1821 and is one of the top art and design universities in the world. Naturally, the school supports its students with the most advanced technology available, and we’re honored to be a part of the system that helps these students reach their full potential,” said Greg LaPorte, vice president of sales and marketing, Sonnet Technologies. “Now, with a professional, high-performance platform that properly rackmounts two Mac Pros in a 4U rack space and extends 10Gb Ethernet connectivity,  ECAL is able to reap maximum efficiencies and benefits from its new Mac Pro-based virtual environment.”

More information on Sonnet and its product family is available at

Just released – our latest video looking into The Foundry’s ‘CARA VR™ for NUKE’

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Check out our latest video – Take a look into The Foundry’s ‘Katana’

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The Foundry’s ‘Katana’ – a heavy weight lighting and look development tool designed to enable a small team of lighters to tackle vast numbers of complex shots for feature film, vfx or animation.

With the upcoming port to Windows in mid 2016, there has been much interest in learning more about Katana and this video is intended to shed light on this powerful tool and to provide an understanding of its use in production.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about what Katana can do for your lighting and lookdev pipeline.”



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The Foundry launches MODO 10 Series to enhance creative exploration process

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The Foundry launches MODO 10 Series to enhance creative exploration process

MODO 10 Series—creativity starts here

London, March 7, 2016 — Leading creative software developer The Foundry has announced the launch of the MODO 10 Series. Built on a next-generation 3D modeling, texturing and rendering platform that enables creatives to iterate freely in order to realize the full potential of their ideas, MODO 10 Series is poised to deliver valuable new feature sets in a series of three installments for a single price.

Designed to be the starting point for creative exploration, the MODO 10 Series delivers powerful toolsets that enable artists and designers to create high-quality content for games, virtual reality, product design, creative media, and film and video projects. Starting with the launch of the MODO 10.0v1 installment, the series addresses the challenges users are facing in today’s fast-paced production environments, and prepares them to face the dynamically changing requirements of the future.

“At The Foundry we listen closely to artists and designers to understand what they need in order to be more productive, more creative and more effective. With MODO 10 Series we’re introducing artist-friendly tools that streamline and automate complex tasks, leaving artists and designers free to explore their creativity,”
Andy Whitmore, chief product officer at The Foundry

“We’re talking about a toolset that paves the way for maximum creativity in the content creation process, enabling the development of addictive real-time experiences, innovative product designs, compelling images for advertising, and engaging film and video content.”

MODO 10.0v1 opens new doors for creating real-time content for games or for other immersive experiences like virtual reality. Among the highlights, artists can author in MODO and be confident that their assets will look virtually the same in Unity or Unreal Engine; get realistic detail into their real-time assets more easily through a streamlined, repeatable texture baking workflow; and enjoy new ways to export to popular engines featuring simple, automated steps that minimize the need to recreate work, saving time and reducing the potential for errors.

MODO 10.0v1 will be available in the second quarter of 2016 and will be followed by the releases of MODO 10.1 and MODO 10.2.

MODO 10 Series launch

ToolsOnAir Chooses Sonnet xMac™ Pro Server for live:cut Multicamera Production Solution

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ToolsOnAir Chooses Sonnet xMac™ Pro Server for live:cut Multicamera Production Solution

Austrian Teleshopping Broadcaster MediaShop Leverages live:cut and xMac™ Pro Server for Streamlined Production of High-Quality Teleshopping Videos

IRVINE, Calif. — Feb. 3, 2016 —  Sonnet Technologies today announced that ToolsOnAir has adopted Sonnet’s xMac™ Pro Server, a Thunderbolt™ 2-to-PCI Express® (PCIe®) expansion system and 4U rackmount enclosure for a Mac Pro® computer, as a key component in its ToolsOnAir  live:cut solution for multicamera production. ToolsOnAir customer MediaShop, a major Austrian teleshopping broadcaster, has deployed live:cut equipped with an xMac Pro Server to streamline its broadcast operations in 12 European countries, reaching 100 million potential customers daily.

“MediaShop is one of the most successful direct-response TV operators in the German-speaking world, and its selection of ToolsOnAir live:cut with the xMac Pro Server is yet another strong validation point for our technology,” said Greg LaPorte, vice president of sales and marketing, Sonnet Technologies. “By providing users the ability to securely rackmount a Mac Pro and then give it PCIe expansion and even storage expandability, our xMac Pro Server is a powerful addition to any broadcast production workflow and an ideal complement to ToolsOnAir live:cut.”

In a multicamera broadcast operation, the ToolsOnAir live: cut software centralizes ingest, metadata, live logging, media management, and workflow automation within a single, intuitive interface that can accommodate 16 channels of multicamera ingest. At the heart of MediaShop’s turnkey live:cut solution is an xMac Pro Server, which securely mounts a 12-core Mac Pro computer horizontally inside a specially designed modular enclosure. Through its built-in PCIe 2.0 slots, the xMac Pro Server connects the computer to two Blackmagic Design DeckLink Quad cards via Thunderbolt 2. The overall live:cut solution provides MediaShop with the ability to ingest feeds from five cameras, controlling a Blackmagic Design ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K card that serves as the main switcher. live:cut creates a real-time vision mixer’s edit decision list, which is instantly processed into a multicamera timeline in the customer’s NLE of choice. At MediaShop, final editing is done with Adobe Premiere CC. 

“By leveraging the Sonnet xMac Pro Server, ToolsOnAir live:cut has given us a stable turnkey solution for centralized production of our teleshopping videos — with everything from ingest to the final product happening on a single Mac Pro,” said Richard Barnhouse, production manager, MediaShop. “The ability to predefine a whole production and then automate track-laying of the audio and video signals makes live:cut a tremendous time-saver. In fact, by eliminating many time-consuming processes, live:cut has enabled us to save about three days on every video we produce.” 

More information on Sonnet and its product family is available at

Marquis’ Edit Bridge wins IABM Design and Innovation Award at IBC

Posted on 08.12.15 at 03:39


Pictured (left to right): Peter White, CEO, IABM, Steve Ball, software development manager, Marquis, Simon Fearn, product manager, Marquis

Marquis Broadcast has today that Edit Bridge, its new integration for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Avid Interplay, which makes it possible to edit Interplay content directly in Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects, has been awarded the IABM’s Design and Innovation Award in the Post Production category at the IABM awards ceremony held on 12 September at IBC.

“The IABM awards recognise new solutions that offer significant benefits or new opportunities to the broadcast and media industry,” confirmed John Ive, director of technology and strategic insight, IABM. “With the broadcast and media industry transitioning through major changes, never before has there been such an important requirement for innovation and creative solutions, bringing real value to end users. Clearly our judges confirmed that Edit Bridge ticked all the boxes and offers an innovative solution enabling competing manufacturers’ products to work together”.

“Users can search Avid Interplay from within the Premiere Pro or After Effects interface, view thumbnails, find media and select for editing,” explained Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast. “Content in the correct codec is then streamed direct to Premiere Pro or After Effects for immediate editing, while other content is copied and re-wrapped. Delivery of the completed story and associated metadata back to Avid ISIS is achieved with Interplay ‘Check In.’

“Edit Bridge contains two Custom Panels, which have been developed specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, allowing the control of the workflow directly from the Premiere Pro user interface,” continued Steele.

“These panels are add-on extension components that run inside the Premiere Pro application and enable users to source content from Interplay by browsing and searching the Interplay system within the panel that trigger an import into Premiere Pro. Users can then use the second panel to export their content and metadata from Premiere Pro back into the Avid Interplay Production Asset Management system.”

Users who will benefit from accessing this new functionality, include Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Composer editors wishing to collaborate on a project; those using Adobe Prelude CC as an ingest tool or for quality assurance for Avid Interplay/ISIS; those using Adobe After Effects to complete motion graphics for projects edited on Avid Media Composer, plus facilities who wish to continue to use Avid Interplay/ISIS for their tier one edit storage and MAM but wish to switch to Adobe Premiere Pro for editing.

“We are delighted to win an IABM award for development of Edit Bridge,” confirmed Steele. “Our solution now gives Adobe users the power to browse, move and therefore edit content more easily. By taking care of the technical know-how, we enable editors to focus on the business of creativity.”

ProMax Systems Announces Critical Enhancements to Platform Workflow Server

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ProMAX Platform now includes Native Avid Bin Locking  and Project Sharing

ProMAX Systems, world leader in integrated workflow technology for creative media organizations, today announced a major upgrade to its Platform Workflow Server, ProMAX Platform Version 4.6 with Avid Collaboration Features.

As part of Version 4.6, ProMAX Platform now includes Native Avid Bin Locking (Project Sharing) at no additional cost to customers that have an active software support plan.  This new feature set operates on all Platform Shared storage devices, including the Platform Online, Platform Studio and Platform Portable.

With this latest release, ProMAX Platform provides identical functionality to Avid ISIS® when using Media Composer® allowing multiple editors to collaborate and work seamlessly on a project simultaneously without having to budget the high cost of an Avid Unity® or Avid ISIS®.

“ProMAX is committed to innovation and solving the problems that aren’t being solved,” stated Jess Hartmann, CEO, ProMAX. “This new release allows creatives to be truly collaborative. Editors who are used to Avid environments will feel right at home as Media Composer® acts identically when working on Platform as it does on an ISIS.”