New From The Foundry: Introducing HIERO – VFX Project Management, Conform and Review Made Easy…

Posted on 12.09.11 at 01:26

So, what is HIERO?

HIERO is a desktop application for collaborative VFX workflow – a scriptable timeline tool that conforms edit decision lists and parcels out VFX shots to artists, allows progress to be viewed in context, and liberates your finishing systems and artists for more creative tasks.

HIERO has been built to work ‘out of the box’ with NUKE, and can also be custom-scripted to work with other applications in your facility.

Because HIERO is open and scriptable via the Python programming language, it is an editorial tool that fits naturally into any VFX pipeline

Increase Output

Put more jobs through your facility. Easily offload VFX heavy shots from your finishing system to NUKE, and review and version the resultant VFX shots within the context of the edit.

Use your finishing system to do just that. Deliver your reconformed timeline and completed shots to your tool of choice.

Be More Efficient

Significantly reduce the maintenance required to keep your VFX team up and running with pain free distribution, reviewing and shot management.

Track and manage shots & NUKE scripts on your SAN/NAS without pain, saving disk space in the process.

Create per shot NUKE scripts for easy shot allocation and result management.

Conform on a tool built for the job. Fix common issues across multiple shots with ease using HIERO’s session-wide spreadsheet view.


HIERO is an open platform, which can be customised and integrated into your pipeline via templating and industry standard scripting support.

Work Your Way

HIERO can deliver baked timelines in your preferred formats, EDLs/XMLs referencing a mixture of completed VFX footage and source material, plus footage selects and transcodes.

Copy/sym linking of per shot assets into your facility structure.

Check out a video preview of HIERO together with FXGuide


“We love that The Foundry are developing a product as sophisticated as HIERO. The flexibility, ease of use and integration into our pipeline will increase our output, allowing even more jobs to pass through our facility. The Foundry has yet again come up with a solution that will benefit the post production community.”

Tony Lawrence, Head of 2D, Smoke and Mirrors


When will HIERO be available?

HIERO is planned for BETA testing in October, after which it will be released.